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Sorry all for the lack of posts – the month of May, like usual, was really busy!

To begin, the pregnancy still seems fine.  Baby has a good heartbeat, and from the last report, the clot was significantly smaller than it was the month prior.  But, I still haven’t been totally cleared from my restrictions.  I have another Dr.’s appointment today to see if there’s been any progress in the past 2 weeks…

So to recap May, we went to a wedding where Matt was the best man – his friend Bob Briggs got married.  Matt gave a wonderful best man speech at the reception.  He had many (and I heard this and I was sober!) compliments that it was the ‘best’ best man speech that they had ever heard.  It was funny, but meaningful and very touching at the end.  Charli’s Grandma O’D and her Aunt Kryss came to watch her while we went to the wedding.  Then, the next day, my parents came to visit and we all went to the Union League for breakfast.  Later that night, I had gotten a suite at the White Sox game, where we went with my parents and Charli.  So, Charli’s first Sox game was in the suite – lucky girl!!!  Good too, because it was freezing and rainy, so we were inside.  Charli enjoyed running around in there, dancing to the music, visiting with all the people and eating popcorn!

The next day was Mother’s Day, and it was fairly low-key.  Me and my Mom went to a nursery and bought some flowers for the summer and we all had some lunch.  The rest of the day was spent planting flowers and enjoying the day!

Charli and I went to IN for some of the Memorial Day weekend.  She got to see all her cousins, and she was just as enamored with the babies as last time.  She was very gentle with them, and just wanted to touch them (especially their eyes!!!!), wake them up (!!!) and kiss them constantly.  Luckily, Cindy and Susie were patient with her curiousity.   She also played a lot with ‘Jay-Jay’ and Addie, and was thrilled when she saw them.  They were just as excited to see her.  They are finally getting to the point that they know each other and are excited about each other’s presence.  Her and Addie were chasing each other around at the end of the day like crazy girls, screaming and having a blast…  It was very fun to watch…  She also got to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa (Ma-pa is Grandma Shaffer’s name it seems at this point) and their dog Nix.  Nix and Charli seem to get along very well.  She definitely loves him!  Matt was playing golf with his brothers in Mendota.

This past weekend, we had 3 parties.  I had a baby shower for Autumn McLaughlin, then we went to Drake’s graduation party in Mendota.  Yesterday we went to one of Matt’s friend’s cookouts…

I have some pictures, of course…


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