20 week appointment, Father’s Day and Addie’s 2nd Birthday

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Since my last post, we’ve had lots of stuff going on (it IS summertime!)…  First, and foremost, we had our 20 week appointment (compete with Ultrasound), which showed many good things.  First, baby is fine, has all his/her appropriate organs, limbs, etc.!  Secondly, clot watch is over – it is gone!  She didn’t see it at all!  YAY!  So, we are officially halfway through the pregnancy and apparently all is normal!  I still feel good, although it’s starting to hurt to bend over a little.  My back twinges every so often, and so has my heel.  From my first appointment I’ve gained 4 lbs. (although I lost one this month, so here we go again with my crazy weight gain (or lack thereof))  This baby is also measuring a little bigger than Charli was at this point.  I feel it moving around from time to time, but not super regularly yet, but I would say at least every day at some point.

Otherwise, we have been busy on the weekends with Father’s Day and Addie’s birthday celebration this past weekend.  Father’s Day we spent quietly here at home, with the grill going most of the day, the blow up pool set up and us enjoying the yard and the heat!  Matt ended up assembling the garage organization stuff I got him, but I think he really like it.  I think he wants to do the whole garage now!

This past weekend, I took Charli to Frankfort to see her cousins for Addie’s 2nd birthday party.  It was a low-key affair with just family, but the kids are really starting to enjoy each other.  Although, Charli seems a little bossy with them in dragging them around..  Addie seems to like it, but Jason not as much.  It is very interesting to see what areas each excel in and how their personalities are developing.  Addie and Jason’s vocabulary is huge, and I heard Addie put together a 4 word sentence – complete with subject/verb!  I was amazed!  Charli amazed all with her ability to go up/down the stairs by herself, and her constant running (literally)!  Her and Addie seem to have a really good time together, running around screaming, etc.  It’s pretty fun to watch!

I spent yesterday cleaning up my apartment rental (yes, all day, BLAH) and it is almost ready for new renters on Wednesday!  YAY!

Here are some pictures to enjoy!  We are headed on vacation this weekend for a week, where we’ve rented out a house in Michigan with a pool!  That should be interesting!  We are hoping to have different people staying with us while we’re there, like the grandparents and Matt’s brother and his family.  More pictures from that in a couple weeks!


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